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Why Are You Here?

There are as many reasons for wanting to improve your health as there are people seeking help. It’s important that we at BCF understand your reasons, but it’s far more important that YOU understand your own reasons.

Do you want to fit back into clothes you have outgrown? Do you need to lower your blood pressure? Do you want to compete in an upcoming event? Are you a hiking enthusiast, and wish to improve your stamina? Do you want to lower your risk for certain diseases?

Keeping those reasons at the forefront of your mind will help you achieve your goals. I have my list of reasons on my daily “to do” list, and I review them every time I feel discouraged. Every reason I have matters to me a great deal, and when I focus on them, it’s easier to say no to cookies, and shoot for two more repetitions with my dumbbells.

Make your list! Read it every day!