— Norm Bitterman

My personal health situation was at a crossroads…I was obese; completely out of shape…lacked energy…I desperately needed help…

I began my search for a good trainer and a person with knowledge of nutrition– and it was extensive!!! However, I knew the benefits of having a good support system. I found both in Brian Cassick. Brian offers an excellent training regimen along with strong knowledge of nutrition. His combination of expertise, education and a dynamic personality exceeded my expectations!!

Brian’s qualities of empathy, honesty, integrity, patience and purpose are most impressive. His enthusiasm and burning desire to help clients achieve their individual goals is also very impressive. His one-on-one sessions provide a trainer that watches closely to correct technique errors, maintain safety and signs of overexertion. His full concentration is on the client as he communicates, motivates and encourages every step of the way.

He has an innate ability and understanding of individual programming – mixing the components of cardiovascular endurance, weight control, strength training and flexibility. These combinations are adjusted according to daily life activities, goals and needs.
It has been a few months since I have been training with Brian… The results ARE EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE!!!

Brian– you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for taking me on as a client. You have greatly improved my life and allowed me to achieve things that I thought were unachievable for me.

I owe you my gratitude!!!