— Mary Ellen Gianturco

I am not exaggerating when I say that my whole life changed the day I met Brian Cassick. In March of 2013, I weighed 171 pounds and I was pre-diabetic.  My legs ached from varicose veins.  I had little energy for my three children and full time job.  Most importantly, I had zero confidence in my ability to improve my physical being.  I had always been heavy and sedentary.  Brian’s expertise, knowledge and demeanor made me realize that I could change.  Incredibly, simply by following his advice regarding nutrition and exercise, I lost an average of two pounds per week and by July of 2013 I was shopping  in “regular” stores and had people asking my “secret”! 

Two years later, Brian continues to inspire me to be my personal best.  This is truly his unique talent – to motivate change in his clients.  I now run 5k’s, lift weights and teach Zumba.   All thanks to Brian – he is my “secret”!