About the Admin

Brian Cassick is my husband, and through the years it has been my pleasure to listen to his clients rave to me about his knowledge, skill, and personable manner. I also watch him tirelessly hunt for solutions for their concerns, poring over the most recent research available.  I know his level of dedication. Brian supports me in my personal journey as well. There are several health issues prevalent in my family, and Brian helps me take charge of the risk factors I can control.

All of the content in this site, with the exception of testimonials, forms, and the Terms of Service Agreement, are my own work. They may not directly reflect the views held by Brian, but all content is reviewed by him for accuracy. Your emails and health information may be viewed by me, as I will be assisting Brian in answering your questions as quickly as possible.

We welcome any feedback to our site! Please email BrianCassickFitness@gmail.com with your comments and suggestions.

Melissa Cassick