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A Tale of Two Calories


There rides a calorie, on a white horse. He stands for all that is good and right in the world. He came from a blueberry, and he is proud. He is a GOOD calorie.

There slinks a calorie through the shadows. He is menacing and grim. He came into town in a peanut butter cup, and he aims to wreck the place. He is a BAD calorie.

Are you on the edge of your seat?

At the end of the movie, our hero and villain make a surprising and heart-warming discovery: they are both exactly the same.

The issue with your calories isn’t where they came from. It’s how many of them you are consuming. As far as the calorie’s role as an energy unit goes, your body has no clue whether those extra calories came from a doughnut or a celery stalk. All it knows is that there are too many of them, and now your body is looking for storage space.

If you take in excessive calories all at once, there is only ONE place in your body they can go: your fat cells. Your muscle cells will turn excess sugar away – they don’t need it. But your fat cells are in essence teeny warehouses for storage of energy, and they will happily take in that extra sugar at any time.

When you eat calories, they have to GO somewhere – they can’t disappear. They will be:

  1. Used
  2. Stored
  3. That’s it. There is no third option.

How do you determine what your daily caloric intake should be? Your best bet is to enlist the help of a personal trainer with years of experience doing just that.

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