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It’s About Fitness – Not What You Can Fit Into

Get a hot bikini body in just two weeks!

You believe that? Really?

I don’t. And I also know that attempting rapid weight loss can lead to more issues than the actual weight. It can lead to loss of lean muscle mass, digestive problems, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and malnourishment. Severe, rapid weight loss can also play havoc with your body’s metabolism – which means it’s even easier to gain that weight back, and harder to take it off the next time.

There are a lot of positive reasons to increase your fitness level – but trying to drop a size for your trip to Florida next week is not one of them. Focusing on all over improvement of your health will make you more likely to achieve that goal.

You know your reasons and you know you’re ready!

We can help you get started – whether it’s making your best nutrition choices or putting together a workout program that works for you – or both!

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Adjust the Resolution

What is this?

We are nineteen days into the new year, and already some of the fitness pages I subscribe to are giving me tips on how to keep going on my New Year’s resolutions when I am ready to give up. Do they really think it’s that hard to keep a resolution?

Apparently, it is.

A quick Google search netted me a plethora of statistics about resolutions and the subsequent disregard thereof. It seems anywhere between 35% and 45% of Americans make “lose weight” their top resolution each new year, but not even half of them will succeed. That’s not very encouraging. I also found plenty of tips for keeping your healthy resolution, but if those tips on their own worked, I scarcely think 70% of adults in the U.S. would be overweight.

Maybe dramatically recreating yourself on a certain date each year isn’t such a great idea?

Here’s a better one:

Make moderate changes, one at a time. Start when you’re ready, not when the calendar tells you to.

We set ourselves up for failure when we make too many vows at the same time. Start with one thing: You will give up that unhealthy bedtime snack. After a few weeks of heading to bed without a bowl of ice cream or stack of cookies, you will notice two things: you are already feeling better and slimmer, and making that healthy choice has become a habit. Then you are ready for the next step. Maybe for you it’s to start taking a 30-minute walk four times a week. Maybe it’s get a set of weights and start some resistance training. Maybe it’s to track your calories and become more aware of your daily consumption. You decide the next step – and take it. Each change you make, give yourself time for it to become a habit before you make another change.

If you need help figuring out where to start – no matter what time of year! – we are here for you! There is no substitute for personal attention from an experienced trainer who can use your health and lifestyle information to create a plan tailored to your needs.

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New Year, New You? No Way!

I am emerging from my Holiday haze, and noticing the annual increase in ads for gyms and diet plans. Overindulging during the holiday season seems par for the course, and the New Year is the obvious time to make big changes, right?

source: pixabay
source: pixabay

The thing is, trying to make too many changes at once is overwhelming, and pressuring yourself to make all these changes coincide with the New Year can set you up for failure.

Every day can be New Year’s day – any time is a good time to make a change. I’m not saying you can’t start first thing Friday morning. I’m saying you can start today. Or next week. Or yesterday. It doesn’t matter. Maybe this week you get back on the treadmill a few minutes each day. That’s a good change! After that becomes habit, you get your weights back out, and start some resistance training. Small steps give better results than a complete overhaul at once.

Happy New Year from BCF! May it be a healthy one; the first of many.

Not sure where to start? That’s what Brian is here for!

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The Art of Weight Loss

“Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.”  – Sun Tzu; “The Art of War”

Simo Hellsten; Wiki Commons
Simo Hellsten; Wiki Commons

“This.”  – Me

Before you begin, you must already be convinced that victory is not merely achievable, but the only possible outcome. You walk on to the field knowing you have already won.

It’s a mind game – and you know what? It works.

It also works when the battle is fought with a knife and fork.

Before I started a fitness journey, I told myself things like: “I don’t like feeling too full,” and “I’m the type of person who needs to move all the time,” and “I love how I feel after I lift weights.”

I convinced myself that I was already a fit, healthy person. I started out knowing I had already won.

It was a mind game – and you know what? It worked.

Every day, tell yourself who you want to be. And make sure you listen to your own words.

Need help setting those goals? That’s what a fitness consultant is for!

Let Brian get you started – he knows you can win that battle!

Have we MET?

What is a MET and why does it matter?

MET (Metabolic Equivalent):  The amount of oxygen the body consumes per minute to create the energy needed to support body mass and activity. The higher the MET level, the greater the need for energy and oxygen. Therefore, the higher the MET level, the more calories you are burning during the activity.

Your body consumes calories for fuel as you move around every day. You can probably figure out that you are burning more calories on your elliptical than while sitting on the couch, watching one episode of “Once Upon a Time” after another. But it cuts a finer line than that. There is a difference between sitting and simply standing.

Above is a picture of my workspace. Hey – that’s this article right there on the screen. Notice the peculiar lack of a chair? My keyboard is on top of the printer, and the monitor up on the shelf at eye level. I stand while I work.

Does that make a difference?

The formula to find out how many calories are burned during an activity is: 1 MET at rest = 3.5 ml Oxygen per kilogram of weight per minute. Sitting and working is about 1.5 METs.* Standing and working ranges between 2.0 and 2.5 METs.* Your body burns about 5 Calories per liter of oxygen consumed.

We’re not going to make you do the math. We have figured it out for a person of about 150 pounds:

Sitting and working, a 150 lb. (68kg) person will burn about 107 Calories in one hour.

Standing and working, a 150 lb. (68kg) person will burn between 143 and 179 Calories in one hour.

The difference between sitting and standing ranges between 36 and 72 Calories burned in one hour.

It would appear to make a difference! And those Calories burned will increase the longer you stand up!

What activities could you change from sitting to standing? 

*figures for average MET consumption from Harvard School of Public Health

Why Do I Need a Fitness Consultant?

You might not.

In which case, you are still welcome to enjoy the posts here, as often as you like. It makes Melissa feel useful.


Here’s why you might:
– If you live in an area where no personal trainers are available, or their prices are prohibitive.
– If you have questions that can’t be answered by unreliable information from the web.
– If you have an injury or physical challenge that requires special attention.
– If you are confused about what constitutes the healthiest food choice for you.
– If your current fitness program is no longer giving you any results.
– If you would like to be able to contact someone at any time, and know you will receive an answer within 24 hours.
– If you must or prefer to remain at home, and make your changes in your own familiar environment.

By Robsonbillponte666 via Wikimedia Commons
By Robsonbillponte666 via Wikimedia Commons


A Fitness Consultant knows and respects your goals, and will take every aspect of your lifestyle into consideration when making recommendations for you. Brian can help you no matter how near or far you are.

If you decide you do need a Fitness Consultant,

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