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It’s About Fitness – Not What You Can Fit Into

Get a hot bikini body in just two weeks!

You believe that? Really?

I don’t. And I also know that attempting rapid weight loss can lead to more issues than the actual weight. It can lead to loss of lean muscle mass, digestive problems, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and malnourishment. Severe, rapid weight loss can also play havoc with your body’s metabolism – which means it’s even easier to gain that weight back, and harder to take it off the next time.

There are a lot of positive reasons to increase your fitness level – but trying to drop a size for your trip to Florida next week is not one of them. Focusing on all over improvement of your health will make you more likely to achieve that goal.

You know your reasons and you know you’re ready!

We can help you get started – whether it’s making your best nutrition choices or putting together a workout program that works for you – or both!

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The Art of Weight Loss

“Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.”  – Sun Tzu; “The Art of War”

Simo Hellsten; Wiki Commons
Simo Hellsten; Wiki Commons

“This.”  – Me

Before you begin, you must already be convinced that victory is not merely achievable, but the only possible outcome. You walk on to the field knowing you have already won.

It’s a mind game – and you know what? It works.

It also works when the battle is fought with a knife and fork.

Before I started a fitness journey, I told myself things like: “I don’t like feeling too full,” and “I’m the type of person who needs to move all the time,” and “I love how I feel after I lift weights.”

I convinced myself that I was already a fit, healthy person. I started out knowing I had already won.

It was a mind game – and you know what? It worked.

Every day, tell yourself who you want to be. And make sure you listen to your own words.

Need help setting those goals? That’s what a fitness consultant is for!

Let Brian get you started – he knows you can win that battle!