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Your Fair Share

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Creative Commons

When it comes to staying within your healthiest calorie range, portion control is key. Studies show that we are notorious for underestimating what we have served ourselves, and once it’s in the bowl or on the plate, we tend to eat it all. Here are a few tips to make that a bit easier:

  • Small plastic containers are helpful and convenient. When you bring groceries home, split snack foods up into serving sizes. Pop them in the containers, and stack them up. No guesswork when you grab one in a hurry. This is great for kids, too.
  • Snacks and cereal that need to remain boxed can get a small but useful change. Take a large marker, and write the serving size in BIG numbers on the front of the box. It’s easier to see, and serves as a reminder to stick to the portion size.
  • Keep your measuring cups close at hand. I have mine hanging from hooks right under the cupboard. You’re more apt to measure your food if you don’t have to rummage through a drawer every time.
  • Get a small kitchen scale. It takes the guesswork out of servings that are measured by weight instead of quantity.
  • Smaller bowls and plates look fuller than large ones with the same amount of food on them.
  • Don’t eat right out of the bag or box! Keeping a special bowl just for snacks is a great idea. It can be fancy, or your favorite color, or have Pinkie Pie on it – just as long as it’s small, and you always use it rather than nomming from the box.

As with many things in life, the small changes can add up to big results. You’re going to hear that a lot from me!

I can help you out with general tips and encouragement, but if you need a comprehensive plan and in-depth help, Brian is your man.

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