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Adjust the Resolution

What is this?

We are nineteen days into the new year, and already some of the fitness pages I subscribe to are giving me tips on how to keep going on my New Year’s resolutions when I am ready to give up. Do they really think it’s that hard to keep a resolution?

Apparently, it is.

A quick Google search netted me a plethora of statistics about resolutions and the subsequent disregard thereof. It seems anywhere between 35% and 45% of Americans make “lose weight” their top resolution each new year, but not even half of them will succeed. That’s not very encouraging. I also found plenty of tips for keeping your healthy resolution, but if those tips on their own worked, I scarcely think 70% of adults in the U.S. would be overweight.

Maybe dramatically recreating yourself on a certain date each year isn’t such a great idea?

Here’s a better one:

Make moderate changes, one at a time. Start when you’re ready, not when the calendar tells you to.

We set ourselves up for failure when we make too many vows at the same time. Start with one thing: You will give up that unhealthy bedtime snack. After a few weeks of heading to bed without a bowl of ice cream or stack of cookies, you will notice two things: you are already feeling better and slimmer, and making that healthy choice has become a habit. Then you are ready for the next step. Maybe for you it’s to start taking a 30-minute walk four times a week. Maybe it’s get a set of weights and start some resistance training. Maybe it’s to track your calories and become more aware of your daily consumption. You decide the next step – and take it. Each change you make, give yourself time for it to become a habit before you make another change.

If you need help figuring out where to start – no matter what time of year! – we are here for you! There is no substitute for personal attention from an experienced trainer who can use your health and lifestyle information to create a plan tailored to your needs.

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Season of “Light”

On your Holiday menu:

One cup of stuffing, 350 calories. Really?

Eggnog, 450 calories in one cup. Seriously?

Pecan pie, 460 calories in one slice. What?

Four sugar cookies, 340 calories. Kidding me?

source; wiki commons Author: Anthony DeLorenzo
Source: wiki commons Author: Anthony DeLorenzo

There are some things you can eat in a moderate amount. There are some things you can substitute a lower calorie version. There are some things that should be off the table – walk away and don’t look back.

Go into the holiday season prepared to know what’s what for you.

Aunt Clara makes the best crab puffs in the known world. This is the only time of year you get them. What’s your plan? Make sure you have room in your daily caloric allotment for a couple. And take your time. If you are going to treat yourself with something special, give its deliciousness the attention it deserves. You didn’t restrain yourself all day so you could gobble those two crab puffs in 3.5 minutes. Take small bite. Enjoy the texture. Swallow, and wait a minute before you take another bite. If you chomp it right down, you will still feel unfulfilled by the experience of eating it.

Substitutions. If you are making your own holiday goodies, or partying where there is a large variety of choices available to you, subbing can be your best bet. There are definitely substitutions that work, and if you’re wanting that holiday yummy, you can try to make it a little less likely to leave you looking like Mr. Claus. Here are some great substitution ideas, and there are plenty more available with a quick search: Healthy Holiday Food Substitutes and Simple Swaps Healthy Holiday Recipes.

If you’re not sure what items should be a flat-out nope, take the time to check out some caloric content lists. I’m always touting the benefit of My Fitness Pal, and Calorie Control has helpful charts as well. Some things might surprise you. When the count on something small is outrageously high, that might be when you say, “You know what? That’s off my menu.” A HUGE psychological tip: Don’t think “I can’t eat that;” think “I DON’T eat that. I choose to treat my body better than that.” Saying no is your choice – be proud of it.

You can make it through the holiday season without needing a new wardrobe as a gift. Educate yourself, know your weaknesses, and make good choices.

Brian can guide you through the snowbanks and icy patches of holiday wellness! Drop us an email to find out more, or sign up for one of our programs today!

Put a Lock on that Trigger

Hi-ho Trigger!

Triggers are anything that can cause a reaction that is difficult to control. Many people who have struggled to maintain a healthy weight know this pitfall. Something happens, and your answer is to eat.

source: pixabay

Brian teaches evening classes three nights a week, and gets home late. He’s hungry – he hasn’t eaten since a hurried dinner between clients. But his evening snack is a huge trigger for me. My self-control is at low ebb by that time. It takes a lot for me to resist joining him, and I am too tired to make good choices. I end up binging.

It’s not his responsibility to go without. It’s my responsibility to say no. I have to have a plan in place. Go brush my teeth, to reinforce that I am done for the day. Grab my book, and continue my own bedtime routine. Reserve some of my daily calories, and keep a healthy snack nearby that won’t exceed my allowance. Play solitaire on my tablet, so I start feeling sleepy. Some nights it’s harder than others. But knowing my trigger and having a plan ready helps me stay in control.

Triggers vary from person to person. For some, on the job stress can trigger a binge. Maybe it’s when the kids get off the bus and grab snacks for themselves. It could be simple presence of a certain food – a food that might have been fine in moderation. Learn to recognize yours, and have a plan ready.

Need help making a plan?

Brian can assist, no matter what your trigger might be!