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Put a Lock on that Trigger

Hi-ho Trigger!

Triggers are anything that can cause a reaction that is difficult to control. Many people who have struggled to maintain a healthy weight know this pitfall. Something happens, and your answer is to eat.

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Brian teaches evening classes three nights a week, and gets home late. He’s hungry – he hasn’t eaten since a hurried dinner between clients. But his evening snack is a huge trigger for me. My self-control is at low ebb by that time. It takes a lot for me to resist joining him, and I am too tired to make good choices. I end up binging.

It’s not his responsibility to go without. It’s my responsibility to say no. I have to have a plan in place. Go brush my teeth, to reinforce that I am done for the day. Grab my book, and continue my own bedtime routine. Reserve some of my daily calories, and keep a healthy snack nearby that won’t exceed my allowance. Play solitaire on my tablet, so I start feeling sleepy. Some nights it’s harder than others. But knowing my trigger and having a plan ready helps me stay in control.

Triggers vary from person to person. For some, on the job stress can trigger a binge. Maybe it’s when the kids get off the bus and grab snacks for themselves. It could be simple presence of a certain food – a food that might have been fine in moderation. Learn to recognize yours, and have a plan ready.

Need help making a plan?

Brian can assist, no matter what your trigger might be!